God is peace, let us ask him to help us to be peace makers each day

~Pope Francis

Helping bring peace to our community, our families, and our world since 2016.

What we do

We plan mission trips to help communities in need around the world!

We hold community support efforts to donate school supplies and promote community peace!

We organize various rallies and protests against violence and hate in our community!

Know us better

Our Priorities

Economic and Interracial Justice in the U.S.

Disarmament, Demilitarization, and Reconciliation with Justice

Spirituality of Nonviolence and Peacemaking

Human Rights and Global Restoration

Pax Christi LR in the News

Nuclear weapons: ‘If you know the entire planet is at risk’

While an outbreak of a virus spreads globally and national issues like health care are being debated, Nobel laureate Dr. Ira Helfand said the “most important issue in the world today” that could take out the human race is something that most people do not think about: nuclear weapons.

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Peace Activist of the Year

Dr. Sherry Simon was honored Feb. 8 by Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice as its Peace Activist of the Year. Simon received the award at the group’s annual membership meeting in Little Rock.

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Peace protest calls attention to morality of U.S. attack

Members from Pax Christi Little Rock raised signs at an anti-war rally in Little Rock Jan. 4, with phrases like, “Wage Peace” “War! What is it good for?” “There is another way” and “No war on Iran” in protest of ongoing conflicts with Iran.

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Join Us

More than ever, we need people who believe in our work for peace through social justice and are willing to help achieve the goal of nonviolence in our world.

Become Involved

  • You can attend our Speaker Series every 2nd Thursday at 7pm in the Fitzgerald Hall at the St. John’s Center
  • Join our team and engage in future mission work. Board meetings are held at 6pm prior to every Speaker Series
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